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Get The Most Out of Your Massage with These Helpful Tips

The truth is, relaxation begins prior to your session...

 Have you ever rushed into an appointment to then feel scattered and anxious through the first half of your session?  While this may not be a huge deal for say... an appointment with your accountant (who doesn't feel some anxiety about taxes?) it's really a shame for this to happen for your massage appointment.

  Here are some tips to help you prepare for your session and ultimately, get the most out of your massage:

  • Arrive early - Include some buffer time into your schedule so you're not coming directly from traffic or a meeting. It's easier to sink into deep relaxation and get the most out of your massage session when you include some time in your schedule before the appointment to begin the relaxation process.
  • Turn off your cell phone - Once you make it to that tranquil place of bliss you don't want to be disturbed with the obnoxious sounds of our day to day reality.
  • Don't eat just before your massage, but also don't show up starving.
  • Use the restroom - Even if you don't need to, nothing can ruin a massage than needing to pee half way into your session.
  • Communication is key - Let your therapist know exactly what you feel your body needs at the beginning of the session so those areas can get addressed.  As a therapist, nothing is worse than being informed of an issue with only a couple of minutes left to address it. Also let them know if you're not comfortable: the pressure, heat and table are all adjustable and can be fitted to you speak up!
  • Take several slow, deep breaths in through your nose to help activate the parasympathetic nervous system - your body's natural relaxation state. This helps to calm your mind and bring yourself into your body.
  • If your mind is still racing during the massage, focus on how the work feels on your muscles. This will help you keep your awareness inside your body so you get what you need from the session.

Learning to take some extra time and preparing can help deepen your experience, making the effects your massage much more far reaching.

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